April 2014 Update

the Jesus Lizard... your mother and I have something to tell you. Now, this has nothing to do with how we feel about you; we both love you very much. But we're going to have to close down the site. We know this may not sit well with you, but it's something we have to do.... The site will 'shut down' when the domain name/hosting period expires sometime in May.

Believe it or not, the origins of the Jesus Lizard Homepage started 18 years ago in 1996 (and, I know, it still looks like it was coded then). Some dorms on my campus were bestowed with a then wondrous T1 connection. Thanks to my CS buddy, he figured out a way to get connected to the campus network in a then not-yet-approved manner in which we remained relatively anonymous with a static IP. It was then I created my first homepage, which quickly became devoted to my favorite music, focusing on the Jesus Lizard. I searched to the ends of the internet to find all that was tJL (Ken Crowell was pretty much it) to appropriate all interviews, pictures and the like and throw them up on my page, served straight from my trusty Pentium (when I wasn't playing Descent, Duke Nukem or Warcraft II). I was most enamored with the 1995 Lollapalooza tour log and photos, my favorite of which was a Yow family portrait. My HDD crashed a year or so later and I lost everything I had collected (pronounced 'stolen').

A little over a year after that, I discovered the wonder that is/was usenet and I started frequenting the alt.music.jesus-lizard newsgroup (note the conspicuous lack of 'the'). There were tons of great people hanging out there and compared to the internet forums of today, where people that supposedly have much in common gather to converse about said commonalities but instead rail on one another, we actually got along quite well. This is not wistful nostalgia, this is the truth. Naturally it progressed to talk of a webpage devoted to the lads. And herein lies the reason for why tJL webpage is what it is. We had a gentleman's agreement to create specific portions of the website and I agreed to leech all the photos I could (a good portion of what I lost earlier, I was able to retrieve). Well, shortly after this, many of those who had offered to help with the site dis-offered. I still had tons of help with others taking over for the concert chronology, interviews and discography. But I went ahead and fired up the trusty WYSIWYG Netscape editor and banged out basically what you see now. Thus, the Jesus Lizard Homepage was birthed August of 1998. So, to loosely paraphrase Dante (the convenience store register jockey, not the 13th century writer), "I wasn't even supposed to create this thing."

Using some of the world's favorite, then top-of-the-line free hosting sites of 1998 (Tripod, Geocities, etc.) we housed the whopping 5+ MB page wherever spaced permitted. And there it grew as it was cared for and groomed, with updates (as appropriate), changes & corrections, from those that stuck around. And, for a brief moment, it endured the threat of usurpation by folks that had the foresight to purchase thejesuslizard.com long before I ever did, but clearly not the intelligence to simply copy what we had done. I lost touch with it for a while when I was in grad school, but it called again when the lifers of a.m.j-l created their own yahoo group. And that was pretty much it until I forked over the $$ for a genuine domain name and private hosting in 2007. And you know the rest because you've been here since then, right? So, over the years, many folks have provided great assistance to the creation of this page. I still don't have much in the way of html skills, but those frames on the conchron and live recorded performance guide are pretty fancy, no? So in the end I don't think this site was as nice as the boys deserved, but it was the only one they got that stuck around (until now, anyway). Plus, I got to meet a great deal of genuinely nice and entertaining people, including all the folks on a.m.j-l and through tape trading, not to mention the band themselves. And, if I had to boil down the spirit of the Jesus Lizard to one word (which would be a stupid request to make), it would be 'brotherhood.'

I have collected all the photos and interviews available on the website for download here so you may view them for your eternity.

Oh yeah, the Jesus Lizard have their very own book out right now, creatively entitled 'BOOK.' Check it out at your preferred internet or physical retailer.

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