5 types of California Insurance, can you guess them

california insurance

With more residents than any other state in the nation, California has a wide range of insurance options for its residents.  Ranging from the near ubiquitous to those so esoteric that few can identify, insurance provides a necessary safety net against the unknowns that the future bring.  While we can all prepare for the worst, only California insurance can allow the coverage we need to know that if the worst were to occur, we would be financially secure.  Below are among the most common forms of insurance offered for the State of California, and for all Californians.

  1. Health Insurance

With the requirement that every person be covered by some form of health insurance, a vast number of the nearly 38 million residents of California have some form or have opted out by paying a fee.  Health insurance is crucial in that without it, you may become bankrupt through hospital bills.  Health insurance provides safety and security as well as an affordable way to see a primary care physician.

  1. Car Insurance

With more then 22.6 million drivers, car insurance is the second most common form of insurance taken out in California.  Required by law for every vehicle driven by a licensed driver, car insurance in California generally ranks as the 10th most expensive per state in the country.  With a necessary minimal coverage, most drivers with newer vehicles opt for more comprehensive coverage.

  1. Homeowner’s Insurance

As there are roughly 20 million homeowners in the state of California, homeowner’s insurance ranks as the third most popular form of insurance in the state.  Traditionally quite high due to the increased risk that comes with all the natural disasters that can occur in the state, many people looking for homeowners insurance utilize helpful tools like the 2015 Homeowner’s premium survey to see how the prices of those in similar conditions compare to their own. Compare California homeowners quotes here at https://insurancequote.deals/california-homeowners-insurance-quotes.

  1. Life Insurance

The ultimate financial protection for your loved ones in case something were to happen, life insurance provides peace of mind.  A popular choice among those with dependents, life insurance can provide financial security while loved ones struggle with the loss.

  1. Pet Insurance

An increasing number of California residents own pets.  As pets become more like children to many, getting pet insurance is the only way to cover costs associated with unexpected injury and surgery that would otherwise cause the animal to be put down due to cost.

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