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Guide To Abbreviations:
CS - cassette
CSS - cassette single
LP - full playing vinyl record
EP - short playing vinyl record
7” - vinyl single
CD - compact disc
CDS - compact disc single

**Song titles are listed as printed on the package. Song title corrections are listed in parentheses.

Track timings are given for selections on the CD format.

Available Formats
Record Label (Serial #), Release Date
Total # Of Tracks
Special Versions Of
Side Projects


Title: Pure
Available Formats: CS, 12” EP
Touch & Go Records (TG43, August 21, 1989)
Tracks: 5 at 14:14

Songs: Blockbuster (3:29) / Bloody Mary (1:59) / Rabid Pigs (2:09) / Starlet (2:42) / Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (3:54)

Special Versions: LTD picture disc in a PVC sleeve.
Notes: Recorded by Steve Albini.
A drum machine was used on this EP.

Title: Head
Available Formats: LP, CS, CD
Touch & Go Records (TG53, LP/CS - May 29, 1990; CD - 1991)
Tracks: LP/CS - 10 at 27:13, CD - 15 at 41:27

Songs: One Evening (3:01) / S.D.B.J. (2:27) / My Own Urine (3:08) / 7 vs. 8 (3:13) / If You Had Lips (3:35) / Pastoral (3:29) / Waxeater (2:09) / Good Thing (1:44) / Tight N Shiny (2:11) / Killer McHann (2:16) CD includes: Blockbuster (3:29) / Bloody Mary (1:59) / Rabid Pigs (2:09) / Starlet (2:42) / Happy Bunny Goes Fluff-Fluff Along (3:54)

Notes: CD contains the Pure EP (TG43)
CD has “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do” (from Pure) renamed Happy Bunny Goes Fluff-Fluff Along
Backing vocals on S.D.B.J. by Suzy Korn
Backing vocals on Waxeater by The Hanger Mens Choir
Artwork done by Mark Todd
The CD face has “7 vs. 8” listed as track 4, and “If You Had Lips” as track 5
First LP as a complete band, with Mac McNeilly on drums.
Lyrics are included.

Title: Goat
Available Formats: LP, CS, CD
Touch & Go Records (TG68, February 21, 1991)
Tracks: 9 at 30:28

Songs: Then Comes Dudley (4:21) / Mouth Breather (2:15) / Nub (2:30) / Seasick (3:11) / Monkey Trick (4:18) / Karpis (3:10) / South Mouth (3:02) / Lady Shoes (2:42) / Rodeo in Joliet (4:49)

Special Versions: LTD picture disc in a PVC sleeve.
Here is Side A and Side B of the picture disc.
Notes: James Crump is thanked on the back of the album.

Title: Liar
Available Formats: LP, CS, CD
Touch & Go Records (TG100, September 16, 1992)
Tracks: 10 at 34:18

Songs: Boilermaker (2:14) / Gladiator (4:00) / The Art of Self-Defense (2:38) / Slave Ship (4:13) / Puss (3:19) / Whirl (4:20) / Rope (2:18) / Perk (2:30) / Zachariah (5:44) / Dancing Naked Ladies (2:56)

Special Versions: LTD picture disc in a PVC sleeve.
Notes: Malcolm Bucknall did the artwork.
Front cover painting is entitled “Allegory Of Death.”
Back cover painting is entitled “Big Fish Eat Little Fish.”
Lyrics are included, except for “Puss” which is excluded.

Title: Lash
Available Formats: 3x7”, CS, CD
Touch & Go Records (TG121, September 3, 1993) & Southern Records
Tracks: 6 at 16:51

Songs: Glamorous (3:05) / Deaf As A Bat (1:38) / Lady Shoes (2:37) / Killer McHann (2:10) / Bloody Mary (2:41) / Monkey Trick (4:32)

Special Versions: Triple 7” has deluxe gatefold packaging. Very nice.
Notes: Lady Shoes & Killer McHann recorded live in Cambridge, MA at Man Ray's 11/27/90
Bloody Mary & Monkey Trick recorded live in London, UK at Brixton Academy 5/9/92

Title: Down
Available Formats: LP, CS, CD
Touch & Go Records (TG131, August 26, 1994)
Tracks: 13 at 40:33

Songs: Fly On The Wall (3:06) / Mistletoe (1:53) / Countless Backs of Sad Losers (3:00) / Queen For A Day (2:26) / The Associate (5:00) / Destroy Before Reading (3:13) / Low Rider (3:36) / 50¢ (2:49) / American BB (2:18) / Horse (3:10) / Din (3:19) / Elegy (3:48) / The Best Parts (2:55)

Special Versions: Import versions contain one extra song.
Notes: Cover painting is titled Falling Dog and was done by Malcolm Bucknall.
Jeremiah Ryan clued them in on the Providence colloquialisms used in American BB
Whitney O’Keeffe contributed his lyrical genius for Destroy Before Reading.
Mark Todd wrote the words to The Best Parts, though not all of them were used.
Lyrics are included.
Last album for Touch & Go Records.

Title: Show
Available Formats: LP, CS, CD
Collision Arts / Giant (9 24567-2, June 14, 1994)
Tracks: 15 at 43:55

Songs: Glamorous (3:19) / Deaf As A Bat (1:42) / Sea Sick (3:14) / Bloody Mary (2:11) / Mistletoe (1:57) / Nub (2:58) / Elegy (4:01) / Killer McHann (2:59) / Dancing Naked Ladies (2:59) / Fly On The Wall (3:00) / Boilermaker (2:15) / Puss (3:08) / Gladiator (3:50) / Wheelchair Epidemic (2:10) / Monkey Trick (4:12)

Special Versions: Limited pressing on translucent yellow vinyl.
The vinyl version contains a crude etching of balls and a cock on both sides.
Notes: Recorded live at CBGB’s 20th anniversery show, New York, NY, December 19, 1993.
Wheelchair Epidemic written by The Dicks
Also on the bill that night were: Jack-O-Nuts, Pitchblender, Don Caballero, and The Damned, who headlined. The Jesus Lizard played right before The Damned.
David Yow dedicates Elegy to his parents, who are in the audience.
The show was professionally shot, but is commercially unavailible.
A music video was made for Glamorous, with filmed scenes mixed in.

Title: Shot
Available Formats: LP, CS, CD
Capitol Records (CDP 7243 8 36778 2 5, April 16, 1996)
Tracks: 13 at`42:53

Songs: Thumper (3:31) / Blue Shot (4:13) / Thumbscrews (3:10) / Good Riddance (3:15) / Mailman (3:26) / Skull of a German (3:42) / Trephination (3:34) / More Beautiful Than Barbie (2:50) / Too Bad About The Fire (4:00) / Churl (2:53) / Now Then (2:34) / Inamorata (3:05) / Pervertedly Slow (2:40)

Special Versions: Limited pressing on red translucent vinyl
Japanese CD versions contain two extra tracks, Shut Up (see Thumper CDS) and Bad Guy
Promotional CD versions contain different artwork and a brief blurb about the band.
Notes: Photographs by Micheal Lavine
Let them just say Ken Vandermark and Jeb Bishop
Promotional “Shot” glasses were issued with the release of the album.
A 40-minute video, SHO(r)T Film, was released with Shot. It contains brief interviews and 30 minutes of live footage recorded in Chicago at the Vic Theater in 1996.
Lyrics included.

Title: The Jesus Lizard
Available Formats: 10” EP, CD
Jetset (twa10, February 17, 1998)
Tracks: 5 at 17:17

Songs: Cold Water (2:49) / Inflicted By Hounds (3:30) / Eye Sore (2:47) / Valentine (4:23) / Needles For Teeth (3:48)

Special Versions: CD and vinyl are limited edition.
Promotional CD version comes in a plain white cardboard sleeve with a Jet Set sticker on one side, and a green and white sticker on the other which reads “Five brand new Jesus Lizard tracks on Jetset records produced by Andy Gill, John Cale, and Jim O’Rourke.” Track listing and Jetset address are also included on sticker.
Notes: First released album with Jim Kimball on drums.
Jesus Lizard appear on Jetset courtesy of Capitol Records
Cover photo provided by JuJu.
First Jesus Lizard release to not have a four-letter word for its title.

Title: Blue
Available Formats: LP (twalp April 21, 1998)
CS, CD (CDP 7243 8 59266 2 4, May 5, 1998)
Jetset (twalp12, April 21, 1998) & Capitol (CDP 724385926624, May 5, 1998)
Tracks: 12 at 42:05

Songs: I Can Learn (3:10) / Horse Doctor Man (3:58) / Eucalyptus (5:59) / A Tale Of Two Women (3:28) / Cold Water (2:45) / And Then The Rain (3:13) / Postcoital Glow (3:31) / Until It Stopped To Die (3:56) / Soft Damage (4:05) / Happy Snakes (3:00) / Needles For Teeth [version] (3:40) / Terremoto (1:20)

Special Versions: Limited edition vinyl pressing on Jetset.
Promotional CD similar in design to The Jesus Lizard promo CD.
Notes: Keyboards by Duane Denison and David Wm. Sims
Album was originally going to be titled GILL, in honor of Andy Gill, the producer.
LP released on Jetset. The Jesus Lizard appear courtesy of Capitol
Promotional “Blue” recycling bags were issued with the release of Blue

Title: Bang
Available Formats: CD (TG207, January 18, 2000)
Touch & Go Records
Tracks: 20 at 59:37

Songs: Chrome (3:50) / 7 Vs 8 (3:32) / Gladiator (4:00) / Seasick (3:12) / Wheelchair Epidemic (2:10) / Dancing Naked Ladies (3:01) / Mouth Breather (2:15) / Sunday You Need Love (2:44) / Glamorous (3:03) / Deaf As A Bat (1:37) / Lady Shoes (2:36) / Killer McHann (2:09) / Bloody Mary (2:40) / Monkey Trick (4:32) / Uncommonly Good (2:47) / The Test (2:36) / Blockbuster (3:31) / Fly On The Wall (2:52) / White Hole (3:19) / Anna (2:38)

Notes: Chrome and 7 Vs 8 are from the Chrome 7" single.
Gladiator and Seasick are from the free giveaway single.
Wheelchair Epidemic and Dancing Naked Ladies are from the Wheelchair Epidemic 7"
Mouth Breather and Sunday You Need Love are from the Mouth Breather 7".
Glamorous, Deaf as a Bat, Lady Shoes, Killer McHann, Bloody Mary, and Monkey Trick are from the Lash EP.
Uncommonly Good is from the T&G Lounge Ax benefit compilation.
The Test is a previously unreleased demo from Kingsize Studios in Chicago.
Blockbuster is a previously unreleased version from a bootleg.
Fly on the Wall is the version from the 7" single.
White Hole is from the Fly on the Wall 7" single.
Anna is a previously unreleased Trio cover, with Santiago Durango on vocals


Title: Chrome b/w 7 vs. 8
Available Formats: 7”
Touch & Go Records (TG53, 1989)
Tracks: 2 at 7:05
Songs: Chrome (3:52) / 7 vs. 8 (3:13)
Notes: The Jesus Lizard’s first single.
Chrome is a medley of two covers by the band, TV As Eyes and Abstract Nympho. Written by Creed, Edge, and Spain.
7 vs. 8 available on Head
Times are approximations.

Title: Mouthbreather b/w Sunday You Need Love
Available Formats: 7”
Touch & Go Records (TG66, 1990)
Tracks: 2 at

Songs: Mouthbreather (2:15) / Sunday You Need Love (2:45)

Notes: Cover art is commonly found on Jesus Lizard shirts, Mouse On Bomb.
Sunday You Need Love was written by Remmler and Cralle and originally performed by the German pop band Trio.
Mouthbreather available on Goat
Times are approximations.

Title: Wheelchair Epidemic b/w Dancing Naked Ladies
Available Formats: 7”
Touch & Go Records (TG87, 1992)
Tracks: 2 at 5:14

Songs: Wheelchair Epidemic (2:12) / Dancing Naked Ladies (3:02)

Notes: Wheelchair Epidemic written by the Dicks
Dancing Naked Ladies is different than the version found on Liar
Times are approximations.

Title: Gladiator b/w Seasick
Available Formats: 7"
Touch & Go Records (TG110, May 12, 1992)
Tracks: 2
Songs: Gladiator / Seasick
Notes: Limited edition free giveaway

Title: Boilermaker b/w Gladiator
Available Formats: 7”
Insipid Vinyl (1993)
Tracks: 2
Songs: Boilermaker / Gladiator
Notes: Both songs are demo versions.
Recorded by David Wm. Sims

Title: The Jesus Lizard and Nirvana
Available Formats: 7”, CSS, CDS
Touch & Go Records (TG83, February 22, 1993)
Tracks: 2 at 6:44
Songs: Puss (3:19) / Oh, The Guilt (3:23)
Special Versions: 1500 Australian picture discs on Insipid Vinyl (IV23)
UK 7” pressing on blue vinyl, limited copies come with poster
Notes: Limited to 200,000 copies world wide.
Out of print.
Oh, The Guilt performed by Nirvana
Cassette sides are listed “J” and “N” for their respective bands.
“Old Indian and White Poodle” cover painting by Malcolm Bucknall
Cassette comes in a cardboard sleeve with just the painting on front.
Puss available on Liar

Title: (Fly) On (The Wall) b/w White Hole
Available Formats: 7”, CDS
Touch & Go Records (TG128, 1993)
Tracks: 2 at 6:14
Songs: (Fly) On (The Wall) (2:53) / White Hole (3:21)
Special Versions: First pressing in 1993 on green vinyl, limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies
Notes: Subsequent pressings on black vinyl, released in 1994
CD single is out of print
(Fly) On (The Wall) is different than the version found on Down.
It is similar to the versions played live.
The numbers 85-1650 are printed on the sleeve.
Times are approximations.

Title: Fear And Loathing Volume 21
Available Formats: 7”
Fear & Loathing (1994)
Tracks: 2
Songs: Art of Self Defense / Nub
Notes: Both songs recorded live at Brixton Academy May 9, 1992
Released as supplement to Fear And Loathing fanzine
There is an etching that says "Hey Rus! Where's my fuckin' lulla?" and "A porky prime cut"
The program repeats on both sides.

Title: Thumper
Availible Formats: CDS
Capitol Records (7243 8 82656 2 1, 1996)
Tracks: 3 at 8:06
Songs: Thumper (3:34) / Good Riddance (3:12) / Shut Up (1:20)
Notes: Photography by Micheal Lavine
Shut Up written by The Stranglers.
Thumper and Good Riddance availible on Shot
CD made in Australia

Title: Mailman
Available Formats: CDS
Capitol Records (DPRO 7087 6 11267 2 3, 1996)
Tracks: 1 at 3:26
Notes: Promotional CD
Contains full color cover artwork front/back

Title: A Tale Of Two Women
Available Formats: CDS
Capitol Records (1998)
Tracks: 1 at 3:28
Songs: A Tale Of Two Women (3:28)
Notes: Promotional CD release
Comes in a digipak sleeve


Title: Dope Guns & Fucking Vol. 4-7
Available Formats: LP, CS, CD
Amphetamine/Reptile Records (April 14, 1992)
Song: Pop Song

Title: Clerks (Soundtrack)
Available Formats: CS, CD
Sony Music (October 11, 1994)
Song: Panic In Cicero

Title: CBGB 20th Anniversary
Available Formats: CD
Song: Gladiator
Notes: Available on Show

Title: Lounge Ax Defense and Relocation
Available Formats: CD
Touch & Go Records (1996)
Song: Uncommonly Good
Notes: A benefit for the Chicago club.

Title: Amateur (Soundtrack)
Available Formats: CD
Matador (February 25, 1997)
Song: Then Comes Dudley
Notes: Available on Goat

Title: The Gigantic Record Corporation Proudly Presents... (39:06)
Song: Gladiator

Title: Volume Five CD (World's End, UK)(79:01)
Song: Whirl
Notes: 79 minute CD with 192 page booklet.

Title: Mesomorph Enduros
Available Formats: LP/CD/CS (Big Cat, 1992, ABB36) (58:15)
Song: Nub (2:30)
Notes: Compilation by Jim G Thirlwell also contains tracks by Hammerhead, Melvins, Pain Teens, Tad, and others

Title: Bogarts 6/30/92 (no label/bootleg, FK-001)
Songs: Then Comes Dudley / Mouth Breather / Old J.A. Song (Puss) / Wait A Second (Boilermaker)
Notes: recorded live at Bogarts on June 20th 1992
Purple vinyl, 1000 pressed, hand-numbered
Cover shows David Yow pulling his penis.

Title: Live At Khyber Pass 7" (no label/bootleg, 1991)
Songs: Wheelchair Epidemic / Seasick / Blockbuster / Mouthbreather
Notes: Live on April 30, 1991 at Khyber Pass Printed on Maroon wax
Limited edition of 500

Title: Clear the Room 7" (No Life Records, 1992)
Song: Monkey Trick
Notes: Recorded live 11/27/90 at Man Ray's, Cambridge MA
Limited edition of 2000
Contains two other tracks by Velocity Girl, and Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
Engineered by Carl Plaster
A benefit single for WMBR, a college radio station in Boston

Title: Then Comes Dudley 7" EP (no label/bootleg, 199?)
Songs: Then Comes Dudley / My Own Urine / SDBJ
Notes: Cover shows a robot girl, back has Touch and Go logo.

Title: Then Comes Dudley 7" EP (no label/bootleg, 199?)
Songs: Then Comes Dudley / SDBJ / My Own Urine
Recorded: Cannibal Club, Austin, Texas Feb 2, 1991
Notes: Cover shows a distorted naked woman in orange, dark blue, and light blue.
Pressed on purple vinyl. Only 1500 pressed.
Here is Side A and Side B of the record.

Title: Then Comes Dudley 7" EP (no label/bootleg, 199?)
Songs: Then Comes Dudley / Mouthbreaker / Blockbuster / Seasick
Notes: Cover shows a drawing of a bomb with a smiley face on it.

Title: TDK Mailrock III - Serious Music Sampler
Song: Puss

Title: CMJ New Music Sampler, November 1993 (63:41)
Song: Glamorous

Title: Alternative Route '94 - Disc 2 (76:48)
Song: Glamorous

Title: Peel Sessions 7" (no label/bootleg, 1994)
Songs: Puss / Boilermaker / Whirl
Notes: Songs are slower than their original counterparts.
There is a groove on the "Whirl" side, so there is a second of silence on that song.
At the end, an English voice says "the Jesus Lizard."
Cover is in black and white with repeated pictures of Racer-X and Jim-Jim from "Speed Racer."
Pressed on pink vinyl with etchings "WowA" and "WowB" on each side respectively.

Title: Jesus Lizard
Available Formats: CD
Touch & Go Records
Tracks: 10 at (34:13)

Songs: Fly On The Wall (3:07) / Puss (3:22) / Glamorous (3:08) / Destroy Before Reading (3:14) / Monkey Trick (4:21) / Nub (2:33) / One Evening (3:03) / Boilermaker (2:19) / The Associate (5:01) / Gladiator (4:04)

Notes: The back states "For promotion only. This cd is an educational tool"
It is a gray, one panel cover
the usual tjl logo covers the front, and the song titles are also listed on the back

Title: Rock Video Monthly
Format: Music video
Song: Glamorous
Date: September, 1994
Notes: Video also contains music videos for Helmet, Meat Puppets, Green Day, etc..

Title: Soiled Gold Hits - A bFM Compilation (66:55)
Song: Shut Up

Title: The Trip 7 (73:55)
Song: Shut Up

Title: HUH CD 20 (Huh Music CD 20)(50:01)
Song: Thumper
Notes: Full length sampler CD from HUH magazine.

Title: See Hollywood and Vine (32:53)
Song: Mailman

Title: Mind The Gap Vol. 8 CD (With Dutch Magazine Gonzo Circus #21, 1996, GC 014)
Available Format: CD
Song: Nub

Title: CMJ - Volume 58 - June 1998 (78:24)
Song: A Tale of Two Women

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