Gabe's welcomes Chicago's Jesus Lizard
By Chris Curtis
The Daily Iowan

Venting out emotional frustrations through a combination of hard alcohol and loud music isn't always the most conventional remedy, but then again, who ever said The Jesus Lizard's concerts were conventional?

Gabe's, 330 E. Washington St., will showcase the rigid punk sounds of Chicago's The Jesus Lizard with special guests Firewater tonight at 9.

The Jesus Lizard -- touring in support of their eighth album Shot (the band's first for Capitol Records) -- will make their third appearance at Gabe's. The band's last performance in September 1994 with Girls Against Boys left some concertgoers losing shoes, with others acquiring bruises.

"It was probably one of the most chaotic crowds or shows I'd seen in quite awhile," said Doug Roberson, Gabe's booking agent. "I know that David Sims, the bass player (of The Jesus Lizard), remarked, 'I think we're too big for this bar.' "

And don't expect any stiffer crowd control measures for tonight's performance, Roberson said.

"David Yow (The Jesus Lizard's vocalist) doesn't want that," Roberson said. "In fact, he would probably tell us not to. He loves to surf on top of people and likes the interaction with the people."

Renowned as being one of the hardest-working bands in the music business, The Jesus Lizard's non-stop touring this past year included dates at Lollapalooza, some fall dates with Rage Against the Machine and even shows in Australia and Japan.

According to The Jesus Lizard's publicist, Maria Malta, this rigorous touring schedule unfortunately attributed to drummer Mac McNeilly's departure from the group, citing he wanted to spend more time with his family. Replacing McNeilly is ex-Mule drummer Jim Kimball, also in Firewater.

Firewater features members of The Jesus Lizard, Soul Coughing, John Spencer Blues Explosion and Cop Shoot Cop. Their blasphemously titled debut, Get Off the Cross ... We Need Wood for the Fire, contains a blend of Eastern European strings with Latin and Israeli rhythms for what resembles music for a drunken Gypsy wedding.

While the music of Firewater will be there, the entire crew won't. Only two original members, singer Todd A. and violinist Han Rowe, will perform alongside some replacements, but Firewater's publicist assured a fine performance.

"I was pretty surprised because they'd only been practicing together for four or five weeks and managed to put on such a good show," Roberta Moore, Firewater's publicist, said.

Title: Gabe's welcomes Chicago's Jesus Lizard By: By Chris Curtis Page: 6B Date: 2/18/97