07 October 2011- You may have noticed some slight changes to the site. wow. I've had to remove both the torrent and message board sections. Not many people used them and even fewer will miss them. For those who care, some poor soul(s) were using vulnerabilities in the code (which I hardly ever kept updated) to proliferate malicious code to those who visited the site. Problem solved!? I have also (finally) updated the links section with links to both David Yow's and David Wm Sims' websites. I've also been cleaning up broken links as I find them.

10 December 2009- With only the final New Year's Eve show in Chicago left, the Jesus Lizard have completed (and survived) what is likely their final tour. Hopefully everyone who wanted to was able to have themselves a good time. I'm interested in posting any stories/reviews/photos/recordings you may have for an upcoming section on the reunion, so please get in touch if you have something to share, chris.rinewalt (at) gmail (d0t) com. Hope you enjoyed the show.

14 October 2009- The remastered versions of the Jesus Lizard's 5 T&G offerings (complete with bonus songs from their T&G 7"s, LASH, various compilation appearances and extensive liner notes) are now available to purchase. Do check them out. I'll try to get all the info up in the discography section soon.

Also tonight marks the begining of the end (for now?) of this reunion tour, with the band performing the U.S. club leg of the tour. If they're anywhere near you, do yourself a favor and check them out. I'll be at L.A. tomorrow... the frighteningly handsome gentleman with the huge grin on his face.

17 August 2009- Just prior to their recent Pitchfork appearance, the Jesus Lizard stopped by the studios of Chicago Public Radio and gave an interview and a performed a live set on the Sound Opinions show. The broadcast of this epsiode is scheduled for this weekend, the 21st and 22nd of August. It will air on WBEZ 91.5 FM in Chicago, as well as these stations. If there are no local affiliates, you can catch the show either live via the CPR website (Listen Now) at the scheduled time or as a podcast after airing via the Sound Opinions webpage.
There is also a killer photoset of the performance linked from the Sound Opinions website, 3rd column near the bottom above the Show Archive link

16 July 2009- Be sure to check out the free live webcast of Jesus Lizard live @ Pitchfork Music Festival tomorrow, July 17th, @ 7:20 PM CST. Enjoy!

18 June 2009- Apologies for the lack of recent updates. The new tour has begun and from word of mouth, the shows have been excellent. If you have any reviews you'd like to share, please email them to me so I can post; I haven't been able to find any new reviews online. You can listen to their set from the Primavera Festical at WFMU, view some of their performance at the Villette Sonique Fest here (thanks Andy) and find various other clips @ Youtube.

Club dates for North America are starting to show up rapidly, so clear your calendar. You can always get the latest dates from the Jesus Lizard Myspace Page, David Wm. Sims' blog and the Billions page. Did someone say 'Killdozer?'

DWS has posted the final tracklists for the album re-releases (due 09/22/09) on his blog. Looks like pretty much everything from the T&G years made it on to the albums, except for 'Anna' from BANG, both tracks from the F&L live giveaway 7" and the 7" version of '(Fly) on (the Wall)'.

P.S. Still looking for any live shows you may have.

14 March 2009- A couple updates of previosuly unlisted opening bands have been added to the Concert Chronology thanks to some helpful readers. Also, a link to a great memoir by David Yow (we need more of this stuff) by Magnet Magazine was added to the interview section. the Jesus Lizard Reunion train keeps a rollin' with more dates announced:

May 11, 2009 Forum London, UK
May 27, 2009 Villette Sonique Festival Paris, France
May 28, 2009 Primavera Festival Barcelona, Spain
July 17, 2009 Pitchfork Music Festival Chicago, IL
September 11, 2009 ATP New York Festival Monticello, NY

Tickets for the London show go on sale tomorrow (02 March) @ 10 AM and can be found online here.

Additionally, if you or anyone you know has ever taped a live performance by the Jesus Lizard (or if you have any live material in your possession), please contact me. I am attempting to compile an archive of all their live performances, and any help is greatly appreciated.

05 January 2009- the Jesus Lizard now have a page on myspace, check it out. Be sure to visit regularly for all kinds of family entertainment, including updates to the reunion tour schedule and classy pictures. I know I'll be there.

09 December 2008

Wanted: The Jesus Lizard memorabilia images

To go along with Touch & Go's recent announcement that The Jesus Lizard will be reuniting and that they will be remastering/reissuing their classic works on LP and CD, the label is issuing a call to arms for all fans of The Jesus Lizard out there with excellent band memorabilia and an equally stellar scanner.

Touch and Go are currently looking for submissions of ONLY high-resolution (300 dpi) CMYK .tiff images of choice The Jesus Lizard memorabilia – interesting flyers, cool ticket stubs, fantastic live photos, etc. – from the band’s 1989-’94 years. All images will be considered for usage in the artwork of the aforementioned forthcoming remastered/reissued Pure, Head, Goat, Liar, and Down. Please send all submissions as an email attachment with a name credit to tjl@tgrec.com. Persons whose submitted materials are used shall be compensated via thank you acknowledgement in the LP/CD credits. Please DO NOT send us any actual memorabilia, as the label cannot be responsible for lost/misdirected mail.

Also, David Wm. Sims has started his own blog, which can be found here. Do check it out.

26 November2008- the Jesus Lizard will reunite to play a handful of shows in 2009! All Tomorrow's Parties: The Fans Strike Back takes place the weekend of May 8-10th 2009 and will be the first time the band has played in over a decade. But wait, there's more. Mac is back! Yeah, you read that right. They'll likely play more dates (hopefully some here in the states), possibly ending with a show in Chicago next November. Yep, you've got a whole year to make your hotel reservations. More info can be found here and here.

10 May 2008-the Jesus Lizard, live! (on video) in Austin. On May 19th, long time filmer Kevin Roberts will be showcasing some of the many bands he filmed in the Austin area during the 80's and 90's with a presentation at the Alamo Downtown in Austin, TX. Be sure to show up and see what treats he has in store, including some footage of the Jesus Lizard. More info can be found here.

On a somewhat related note, if you, or someone you know directly, ever taped (audio or video) any performance(s) by the Jesus Lizard, please email me. I am currently looking for any show sources for the live music archive and torrent site that I've created, and your help is greatly needed and appreciated.

31 January 2008- Apparently David Yow was hospitalized in Pennsylvania after his lung collapsed. I don't have much more info than was posted here. As of yesterday, at the Electrical Audio boards, Steve Albini posted that David is doing better and is on his way back home. We wish him the best. Sadly, his bandmate Matt Cronk was also hospitalized last week for an inflamed and strained heart. A speedy recovery to you as well.

17 September 2007- Happy Birthday, David W. Sims (and Happy Belated Birthday to David Yow)!
The prolific Duane Denison's most recent band, USSA, is releasing its first album, 'The Spoils,' tomorrow (September 18th). Leave some market share for the rest of the starving musicians, will ya? Disposable income ain't what it used to be. Tour dates and more information can be found here.
EDIT: I don't know how I missed this, but I did... Qui, the band David Yow now fronts, released their new album, 'Love's Miracle,' on the 11th. They're currently on tour. Again, tour dates and more information can be found here.

11 August 2007- The Concert Chronology and Live Recorded Performance Guide have both been updated using fancy frames for easier navigation.

22 June 2007- I almost let this one slip past... the new Tomahawk record, Anonymous, has landed. Be sure to check it out, then pretend you care what other people think of your opinions and head to the discussion board to share them.

11 June 2007- I've written a short review of the new LIVE DVD for those interested. Check it out. The short of it... get it, you will not be disappointed. UPDATED on 13 June with some info from the producer.

03 June 2007- The LIVE DVD contest is officially over. Congratulations to C. Allgood, J. Richardson and D. Roberts on their winning a free copy of the upcoming the Jesus Lizard LIVE DVD. Enjoy the show.

31 May 2007- Check out this e-flyer for dates and locations of screening events for the new LIVE DVD

2771 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL
Tuesday, June 5th / 7:30p - Doors @ 7

125 Fifth Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Tuesday, June 5th / 9p - Doors @ 8

Featuring a performance by Gang Green. Hosted by producer Chuck Prefontaine
The Middle East
480 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139
Tuesday, June 5th / 7p
$5 in advance / $7 day of show - 18+

In conjunction with Sailor Jerry hosted by Needles Jones
Performances by Purple Rhinestone Eagle, Fnu Ronnies, Last Barbarians and Company Corvette
The Balcony at the Trocadero
1003 Arch St
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Tuesday, June 5th / 8p - Doors @ 7:30

In conjunction with Easy Street
Solo Bar
200 Roy St
Seattle, WA 98109
Tuesday, June 5th / 8p

Black Cat
1811 14th St. NW
Washington, DC 20009
Monday, June 11th / 9p

The Jesus Lizard

While studio recordings of Chicago's The Jesus Lizard are part of the canon of 90s indie rock, anyone who saw them knows their reputation as THE live band of that era is completely accurate. This DVD captures the original quartet in 1994 playing to a packed and frenzied crowd at the Venus De Milo in Boston. The bands workman like approach to their taunt, pummeling sound is contrasted by frontman David Yows' Dionysian revelry as he whips himself and the crowd into an ecstatic mess. This 2 camera shoot catches all the blood, spit and sweat of a truly killer live band at their peak. Bonus materials include 5 songs from CBGB's 08/29/92.


27 May 2007- There are less than 4 days left to enter for your chance to win a FREE copy of the upcoming LIVE DVD. Please see the news item below for full details. This DVD is NTSC, but is also Region 0, so it can be played on any DVD player. There's no reason not to enter!

I have launched a torrent tracker to share live and rare audio and video of the Jesus Lizard (and related bands) at http://torrents.thejesuslizard.net/. Head on over there now to read the rules and join up. I've already got a show ready to go and will be putting up some more soon. If you are unfamiliar with peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing, check out my lazy how-to guide. Again, you must read, understand and agree to the rules to use this tracker.

16 May 2007- The folks at MVD have generously donated some copies of the upcoming the Jesus Lizard live DVD for a trivia contest.
Figure out the correct answer to the following question (all answers are available on this website) and email your response and mailing address to tjldvdcontest@thejesuslizard.net before 11:59 PM PST on May 31st. Take as much time as you need, but only one entry per person/physical address will be accepted. Only open to contestants age 18 or older. Random winners will be drawn from all correct responses received before the cutoff date. International entries are welcome. Put on your thinking caps:

The number of states in the USA in which the Jesus Lizard has never played live
(x) the number of Travis Bean guitars Duane used when recording GOAT
() the total number of fingers Mac has
(+) the year that David Yow dressed up like Johnny Lydon (Rotten) for Halloween
(-) the year David Wm. Sims got his Memphis bass
= ???

14 May 2007- Jeez Louise, where do I begin? After a nearly 7 year hiatus, the site is back and ready to inform. Got our very own fancy domain and more server space (up from the overly generous 20 mb bestowed upon us by geocities 7 years ago), so please update your bookmarks. Right now the site is basically a mirror of the old one, but over the next few months I will be updating the site as best I can. A discussion forum has been added, please check it out. I still know very little about html and web design (couldn't tell, could ya?), so if there are any fans out there who are willing to help a brother out and make the dream a reality (but don't mind taking orders and a certain degree of verbal abuse) please contact me me so we can get this going.

!!! The most important news is that the Jesus Lizard will be performing live, in your house, night after night- on DVD. Yes, on June 5th, MVD will be releasing a live DVD of the Jesus Lizard's performance in Boston on the 4th of October 1994. From what I've been told, this will be the full concert and will also include 5 live bonus tracks from CBGB's on the 29th of August 1992. For complete details and a video clip, click here. You can pre-order the disc right now and save $5 !!!

And if that's not enough, Tomahawk (Duane's current band) will be releasing an album on June 19th. Duane also is playing with USSA, who will also be releasing an album in the near future. Yow is back to work on the mic, with Qui. Both bands have more information and songs for your listening pleasure on their respective pages. As I find out more about what the gents have been up to, I'll create a new section on the website.

I would further like to thank all of the visitors of the site who sent me info, updates, corrections or questions through the years. Sadly, I was fairly busy these past 7 years, so I couldn't always update the site or answer questions. If I never responded to your message, please don't take it as a personal slight. And if you feel like it, please email me that info or question again. I look forward to keeping the site up to date as best I can.

10/02/99 New info on the upcoming T&G compilation, taken straight from the Billions page (**NOTE: This track list, much like your capitalist belief system, is incorrect):

On January 18, 2000, Touch and GoRecords will release The Jesus Lizard's posthumous swan song"Bang!", a long-anticipated compilation of some of the band's singles, EPs, and live tracks, as well as an unreleased second Trio cover and a couple of demos.

The full track listing is asfollows:
1) Chrome (a medley of two Chrome songs, from the Chrome seven-inch)
2) 7 vs. 8 (B-side of the Chrome seven-inch)
3) Gladiator (from a giveaway seven-inch, live from Marquee in London September 1992)
4) Seasick (from a giveaway seven-inch, live from Brixton Academy May 1992)
5) Wheelchair Epidemic - (a Dicks cover, from the Wheelchair Epidemic seven-inch)
6) Dancing Naked Ladies (from the B-side of the Wheelchair Epidemic seven-inch)
7) Mouth Breather (from the Mouth Breather seven-inch)
8) Sunday You Need Love (a Trio cover, B-side of the Mouth Breather seven-inch)
9) Glamorous (from the Lash triple seven-inch)
10) Deaf as a Bat (from the Lash triple seven-inch)
11) Lady Shoes (from Lash, live in Boston December 1990)
12) Killer McHann (from Lash, live in Boston December 1990)
13) Bloody Mary (from Lash, live in London May 1992)
14) Monkey Trick (from Lash, live in London May 1992)
15) Uncommonly Good (from the T&G Lounge Ax benefit compilation)
16) The Test (demo from Kingsize Studios in Chicago, UNRELEASED)
17) Blockbuster (from unidentified bootleg, UNRELEASED)
18) Fly on the Wall (single version from Fly on the Wall seven-inch)
19) Anna (another Trio cover w/ Santiago Durango (Big Black) on vocals, UNRELEASED)

For more information, pleasecontact Scott Giampino at Touch and Go Records.

7/28/99 David Wm. Sims filled in the info about the unknown live songs.One is called "Lord Godiva" and the other is "Swing Set". Sims wrote the music for both.They were recorded for 'BLUE', but were not used.

Also at two Melvins shows in Chicago this month, Yow showed up and sang with them on two tracks, "Dry Drunk" and a cover of "Blockbuster". Both tracks will appear on the third album in the Melvins new trilogy, out this November.

7/1/99 Well 10 years to the day, it is official. the Jesus Lizard have made the great leap from the extant to the extinct (whilst retaining the title of best band ever), but are still the nicest group of gentleman you're likely to meet. It's times like this that can leave interested 3rd parties such as ourselves emotional cripples. In order to alleviate this, I have been authorized to distribute the home address and phone number of all band members. Until the final details have been worked out, I urge you to pour your thoughts into the written word. Tell us how you feel.If you so desire, send your thoughts to me. All of the above is true, except for the middle part. the Jesus Lizard, we appreciate all you have done.

Oh yeah, the thing about the address & phone numbers was the joke.

6/30/99 On the eve of the 10th Anniversary of the birth of their live show, we can look back at the Jesus Lizard. They've accomplished much, but it's come to a close. They're all doing their own thing right now and it is unlikely they will ever tour/record again. There may be a singles compilation released later this year, hopefully it will have at least two unreleased tracks on it. Regardless of what comes, let us reflect upon what has already been done, because your not likely to see something like this again for quite some time, if ever.

5/15/99 Nothing new yet. What the fuck did you expect?

3/25/99 Good luck tomorrow at the Umeå Open. We know the Swedish are grateful for your presence at their festival.

2/18/99 On March 26 the Jesus Lizard will play at theUmeå Open in Umeå, Sweden; which will be their first show in almost five months.

1/4/98 It's official, the Jesus Lizard have been dropped from capitol, no 3rd release. More details as they become available

11/1/98 David Yow played with Shellac Halloween night at the Lounge Ax. They played all Sex Pistols covers. David was dressedup to look like Johnny Lydon He had bleached hair and was dressed kind of like a punked out Han Solo. Anyway, they played all the big hits...."Holiday in the Sun", "God Save the Queen", "Anarchy in the U.S.A." Yow broke one of the PA speakers and also got a cut on his chin and chunks of the decorative jack-o-lanterns flew around everywhere.

9/4/98 Finished up playing two dates in Italy, with the Bean, and according to reliable source the band was "good." Apparently the locals didn't appreciate their attitude, taught the band a lesson. The band was terrorized by a renegade bat. With Mr. Sims and Mr. Dension cowering in a corner, Mr. Yow chased it out of the room with a pillow. Talk about your close calls, I hear those things can really mess up your hair. Today the Jesus Lizard will play a festival in France, with the likes of Chumbawamba and other bands you don't care about. Oh yeah, they hated playing Alaska.

8/29/98 First show of the European tour, playing at the Mean Fiddler in Dublin. We hope this is the beginning of a raucous tour that they as well as the Euro's enjoy. Break 'em off some, USA style!

8/28/98 Duane posted this to the newsgroup:"hey y'all --d.p.here from cyberia in dublin, ire. cyber-cafes rule! you can go anywhere now, w/out a laptop even, and gossip about inconsequential things like drummers and lizard activist groups! u.s.s.a. #1!"Seems like the flight went ok, though it was rumored Mr. Murphy had to be sedated because his calls could be heard in the passenger cabin. Mr. Yow was also released on his own recognizance promising never to pull a stunt like that again. Mr. Denison, say hello to Darby O'Gill for us. Mr. Sims, good day as well.

8/27/98 Well the band is off to Europe, first stop, the UK. Unfortunately, netting only $1500 from the US tour they could afford only 2 roundtrip tickets. Mr. Murphy will fly in a cat carrier while Mr. Yow will be safely stowed in an overhead compartment. We all hope they have fun for the next couple of months, and hopefully they will find a way to contact us to let us know how it's going. Our thoughts are with you guys.

8/26/98 Duane posted this to the newsgroup:yes folks, i'm afraid it's true. we had some differences of opinion regarding band policies, which led to personality clashes. these differences were irreconcilable, so we had to make a change. the new drummer is brendan murphy, a chicago native who has toured and recorded with the wesley willis fiasco and trailer hitch, among others. he's been a friend of the band for years, and has seen us play many, many times. brendan learned a 20 song set in about 3 weeks,and we feel complete confidence in him--even on tricky tunes like 'killer mchann' and 'eucalyptus'. we've been rehearsing nearly every day this month, so we're quite ready for the europeans. i've stayed in touch with jim, and i personally wish him the best of luck in all future projects. until we meet again, dpd

8/25/98 Got word that Jim will not be joining the bandfor their European dates. Instead Brendan Murphy will be taking over. More information as it becomes available.